Warranty & Refund Policy

Warranty & Refund Policy


Our warranty on screen replacement will be mentioned on the job card provided by the technician after repair your device under the following conditions. And warranty applies only to the display issues such as dead pixels, discoloration, visible lines and touch issues, if they arise without any manual intervention.

You can claim a brand new screen with the “continued warranty” for the above issues. You must also know that Continued Warranty in our case doesn’t always mean the same term. For an example warranty offered on screen replacement is 6 months, if you face an issue after 3 months of replacement, then the replaced screen will have warranty for another 3 months. The warranty is limited to either parts, or services, or parts and services, as is the case for which you have made payment.

Warranty doesn’t apply to the following conditions:

Escalation Matrix for warranty issues?

  • 1. Mail the picture/video of the phone highlighting the prevailing display issue over email at support@servicecenterzone.com .
  • 2. In that mail mention your mobile number / job card details.
  • 3. If possible, elaborate the problem you’re facing.

Our support associate will respond to you within 24 working hours and schedule our technician to replace your screen.

We have full authority to determine whether the post-repair escalation is valid for warranty or not. After you raise the issue, within 7 working days we’ll schedule another visit or reject your escalation.

Valid Escalations : If the screen quality is bad than it was promised and/or if it’s due to our technician’s fault.

Non-Valid Escalations : Accidental damage, issues arising due to earlier problems or fault parts.

Refund Policy

You’ll get a 6-month warranty along with a refund the Screen replacements at Service Center Zone under the following conditions:

Our Customer Support executive will get back to you within 48 hours and schedule your screen replacement at your convenience. Please note that the warranty is: