About Us


The way you see us, “we’re a mobile repairs solution provider”. But the way we look at ourselves, “we’re doing our bit to save humanity from the daily grind and busy life”.

In this modern times, everybody is going through rush hours 24×7. Keep up with deadlines, meet maximum people at the least amount of time, get more done in less time. And amidst all these, your mobile phone stays with you, plays a key role. If it goes out of order, it adds to your worries. Visiting to local market, finding a good repair centre, and ensuring reliability of the parts is very time- and effort-intensive. Here, Service Center Zone comes in picture to help you save money and time. We take care of everything so that you won’t have to leg around. We will come to you and fix mobile at your location. Over 1 lakh customers across Delhi/NCR/Bangalore and Chandigarh swear by our premium quality service and products backed by 6 months warranty.

We’ve made mobile repair as easy as “1…2…3…” for last 2 years. Visit our website www.servicecenterzone.co.in, select your mobile device for which you want to replace the screen. You will get a call with lowest price, it’s that simple. Service Center Zone technician will drop at your place and fix the screen in front of you.